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Today, our team partners with audacious entrepreneurs building enduring companies.

Whilst the new era brings unlimited potential and great opportunity, for many Entrepreneurs it can also bring risk and uncertainty around how to obtain capital investment towards growing their business.

No organisation, however acclaimed, can afford to stand still. Disruption can neither be avoided nor ignored, and there will never be a “good time” to do something about it.

We at QUAM  believe that today’s world requires a new mind-set; one that is open minded and willing to take calculated risks, to find inspiration and insight from unconventional sources and unexpected directions.


QUAM has spent more than a decade partnering with and working alongside entrepreneurs with ambitious visions to imagine a new future. Our partnership with management is built on a shared vision of how the company's value can be maximised.

We bring capital, expertise, and creativity to successfully complete complex transactions.

QUAM is deeply committed to fostering growth; we apply an active approach to our investments and aim to create robust, well positioned companies with excellent long-term prospects.


We work with management teams to carry out an early review of strategy, operations and organisational structure. This leads to a mutually agreed Business Plan on which our investment is based. We then provide specialist resources to support the implementation of this Plan. The strategy for each of our investments is management's strategy, driving each of our businesses to optimal performance.



While the dynamics of each investment will vary, QUAM Venture Capital typically evaluate early-stage investment opportunities according to the following broad criteria.


We invest in exceptional ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams that have the passion, commitment and vision to conceive great ideas and build global businesses.


We will invest as little as €500k to back an innovative idea, through to as much as €3 million for a team with early revenue traction requiring expansion capital in Seed, Series A, and beyond.

Essentially, we will support our successful portfolio companies with additional layers of funding as they develop over time up to around €10 million. In exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis we may consider larger levels of investment assuming the opportunities are capable of creating, transforming or dominating an industry.


We invest in solutions that address major problems for significantly large markets, across all sectors and target investments in; Artificial Intelligence, Space Ventures, Renewable Energy in Clean-tech, Biotech, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Digital Ledger Technologies, STEMCELLNano Technologies, Quantum Computing, Sophisticated SMART proprietary technologies, VR EntertainmentTransportation and Infrastructure focused across Europe, North America and Latin America.


We seek early-stage ventures that can demonstrate their potential for rapid growth and will usually possess a strong defensible position with respect to their technology and intellectual property.


We prefer to invest in first-of-a-kind new ideas, rather than incremental enhancements to common products and services. The idea must have the potential to change the lives of tens of thousands of people or millions where impact is deep and have an emerging sustainable business model.

However, we approach highly complex, esoteric technologies with caution. The concept behind the technology must be proven and verifiable and operate within our sectors of interest and have a clear vision to deliver significant positive social change.


Furthermore, we avoid science projects that do not demonstrate a clear path to commercialisation.


With each investment, we expect our ownership to produce tangible, measurable improvements for all stakeholders. Our Investors typically seek returns of at least ten times or more their initial investment, within seven years. This level of return on investment is reflected due to the high risk among early-stage ventures, thus, a clearly articulated exit strategy – On how investors will gain such returns - is essential.


Please submit an electronic Investor deck for consideration by sending it to

NDA's: Due to the volume of business plans we review on a regular basis it is not possible for us to sign these. We never pass confidential information from one business to another. We are not in the habit of breaking anyone's confidence, our reputation and integrity depend on it.


  • Process - Investment committee process engineered to avoid any late surprises.

  • Flexibility - Investment in all levels of the capital structure.

  • Experience - Broad experience in industry sectors and financing structures.

  • Speed to Close - Ability to address complex situations and close transactions within short time frames.

  • Committed Capital - Lend-and-hold strategy allows us to support and grow with a company over time.

  • Certainty of Closing - No external or third-party approvals required.

Experienced, passionate, and intellectually honest - we work hard to be good partners.

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