Today, every day, we work for our investors: Putting our investment interests first is at the core of our asset management philosophy. By following a patient and disciplined approach, employing high-quality professional’s pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and aligning our interests with those of all our investment partners.

Who we work for: HNWI investors internationally rely on “QUAM” to achieve attractive premium returns on their invested capital. Our investors range from private HNWI to Wealthy family offices and Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Invest in sectors we know, and value depth over breadth: We look for businesses which allow us to utilise our investment strategies to create value, opportunities that are capable of creating, transforming or dominating an industry in the following Sectors: “Sophisticated and proprietary technologies”, “Artificial Intelligence (AI)", “Nanotechnology”, “Healthcare”, “Online Entertainment”, "Telecommunications", “Credit Strategies”, “Hedge Funds”, “Transportation”, “Alternative environmental sources of energyandReal Estate” with our core investment markets in Europe, Asia and Russia.


For our Private Equity European Fund based in Luxembourg the target minimum equity investment is from €500K to €10Million into privately owned growth companies. (In exceptional cases on a case to case basis we may consider larger levels of investment assuming the opportunities are capable of creating, transforming or dominating an industry).

QUAM strives to invest in a cross-section of global industrial and service businesses which typically exhibit the following attributes:

  • Attractive prospects for organic or acquisition-based growth

  • High returns on internally invested capital

  • Talented and experienced management teams

  • Sound business strategies

  • Strong market positions and product portfolio

  • Stable cash-flows

The strategy for the FUND is not region or sector specific but instead an opportunity driven fund that focuses on individual investment projects that can demonstrate standalone commercial viability.

Our Private Real Estate Fund based in Luxembourg focuses on (exclusive off-market-properties and distressed properties with an existing income stream) across Europe.

Each Fund is managed by a General Partner (GP). The GP and its Board of Directors are responsible for all investment and divestment decisions made during the life of the fund. The GP also handles all fund administration, such as draw-downs, fund accounting and reporting, risk management and compliance.

QUAM VC LLP, London is the Investment Advisor to each of the GPs, and is in turn supported by a network of advisory companies in Luxembourg and Europe. We have gained extensive experience of both good and challenging investment cycles. This provides us with a strong platform; both for recommending which companies the QUAM Funds should invest in and for supporting management in these acquired businesses. We leverage our knowledge and experience from earlier transactions every day and in every investment.


We understand the importance of providing a constant dialogue with Investors. We constantly strive to improve the way in which information is distributed to our investors and all other stakeholders.

QUAM has always placed primary importance on its responsibilities towards its Investors. The guiding principles are transparency and accessibility, and QUAM provides regular, accurate and detailed information across all of our communications with investors.

QUAM understands that, for many investors, the engagement with managers today extends beyond fund investments and the firm puts significant resources into addressing the requirements of each investor. The provision of co-investment opportunities to its Investment Partners (LP's) is an important part of this strategy. Our Limited Partners are represented by an Advisory Committee which meets every quarter in Luxembourg.


“DE VERE” (THE FUND) subject to Luxembourg law on (RAIF) represented by its management company, “QVC” (Luxembourg) CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, S. à r.l., a "company (société à responsabilité limitée) incorporated under the laws of Luxembourg, acting as the management company.  The RAIF structure adds to an existing range of Luxembourg investment fund products that are regulated and respected by investors worldwide.



We believe in a world of Opportunity, Whilst it is true that the best opportunities are rarely presented in plain sight, our own unique global network provides unparalleled access.

We believe in Service, Outstanding service is proud and is highly valued by those we work with. It is founded on seeking meaningful understanding as well as our professionalism, market knowledge and a deep desire to give of our best.

We believe in People, We value the individuality of our Investment clients, our Colleagues and Entrepreneurs.

We take time to understand the very particular professional, cultural and personal experiences, interests and aspirations of every single one of them. We cultivate exceptional relationships and thrive on diversity.

We believe in clarity of mission, Both in our actions and in our communications.

Our Corporate Integrity is non-negotiable and has evolved from the personal integrity common to every member of our team. We are principled and do the right thing by those we work with and for.

Our core beliefs shape who we are...