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                         OUR METHODOLOGY


In the last decade, we have cultivated strategic alliances with visionary entrepreneurs, fostering pioneering enterprises that have left an enduring legacy in the realm of business history.

Today, QUAM Venture Capital perpetuates this illustrious tradition by investing in intrepid founders who dare to dream on a global scale, across diverse industries and geographic boundaries. We embark on a journey with them from inception, extending our dedicated support throughout their growth trajectory, and even beyond, to unlock the full potential of their innovative concepts and leave an enduring legacy.

​Headquartered in the heart of London, QUAM Venture Capital operates as an esteemed Investment Advisor to a consortium of General Partners (GPs). These GPs oversee a triumvirate of funds domiciled in Europe, in addition to a portfolio of meticulously managed Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). Our operations are further bolstered by a strategic network of advisory firms, all working in harmonious synergy to empower the entrepreneurs of today to shape the history of tomorrow.


Collectively, we transcend the boundaries of our individual talents.

At QUAM Venture Capital, our seasoned professionals form a cohesive and enduring investment team boasting a global perspective and unhindered access to international industry networks.

Our team members hail from a rich tapestry of backgrounds encompassing finance, investment banking, legal expertise, marketing, management consulting, and cutting-edge technology. This diversity of experiences affords us a panoramic view of emerging technology trends and the wisdom of seasoned business acumen.

We uphold a culture steeped in transparency, teamwork, and trust, which aligns seamlessly with our corporate vision of partnering with trailblazing companies destined to leave an indelible mark on history.


Founder and Principal

Strategic Visionary

Josh, the driving force behind QUAM VC. As an FCA accredited investment advisor, he assumes a pivotal role in providing strategic leadership and guidance.


Josh is the linchpin in fostering collaboration among investors, QUAM's specialised teams, and the Board Members of the FUND to chart out short-term, medium-term, and long-term strategies.

With a proven track record, Josh excels in seamlessly integrating acquired businesses and spearheading transformational initiatives while preserving the heritage and core competencies of each entity.

A true inspiration to all, Josh is widely regarded as an industry luminary. His extensive communication expertise and unwavering commitment to finding innovative solutions set him apart.

Josh's brainchild, QUAM, is dedicated to channeling resources into groundbreaking sustainable innovations.


By investing in cutting-edge technologies across various industry verticals, QUAM propels businesses beyond the confines of incremental improvements.

Board of Directors

A Dedicated Board Member, Transformational Leader

António serves as a Board Member, representing the interests of shareholders, and he fosters an environment of utmost transparency and objectivity in discussions and decision-making.

In his role as CEO, he undertook the pivotal task of restructuring the OneBiz Group, a global franchise network dedicated to raising awareness for businesses. His leadership focused on enhancing client service, improving performance, and facilitating increased investment.

António is a highly seasoned international executive, renowned for spearheading demanding change management and business development initiatives for over two decades.

He holds a degree in Business Management and is a certified trainer by IEFP. António has also served as a trainer at Montepio Geral.

With international exposure, he has received training across several countries, including the USA, France, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, and Hong Kong.

António is a distinguished speaker at management seminars organized by prestigious institutions such as IFE, the Franchising Institute, MGI, ANJE, and Executive Forum.

Co-founder and Partner

A Partner with Over Three Decades of Expertise

In 2012, Vic became a vital part of QUAM VC, bringing with him a wealth of experience gained from over 30 years in the real estate industry.

Vic boasts a remarkable 25-year background in Brand Marketing, Retail, Property Management, Construction, development, infrastructure, and a profound understanding of Venture Capital. His passion for innovation shines through personal investments in several start-ups, and he proudly serves as a mentor to eight early-stage companies.

As an energetic and personable professional, Vic possesses an outstanding track record. Since his arrival at QUAM VC, he has played a pivotal role in cultivating the European business. His contributions encompass strategic planning, acting as a key liaison between management teams, fostering robust client relationships, overseeing service delivery, and effectively managing end-to-end projects.

Vic's approach is rooted in attentive listening, offering wise judgment, gravitas, and influence. His open and inclusive style is coupled with a knack for constructive probing and challenging, ensuring the best outcomes for our ventures.

Andy SHARP                Investment Committee

An Integral Member of Our Investment Committee


Andy holds a key role as an Investment Committee Member at Quam Venture Capital. Leveraging his extensive global network, he has honed a unique set of management techniques that have proven instrumental in raising capital investments, ranging from €100 million and beyond.


His approach ensures swift and effective strategic transformations to meet capital targets consistently.


Andy's clientele encompasses a diverse spectrum, including governments, corporations, private equity and venture capital firms, as well as global banks.


He is acclaimed for his adaptability in navigating complex situations within organizations, markets, and diverse cultures. With a rich background in the banking industry, Andy brings extensive experience in portfolio and fund management, specifically in segregated funds and collective investment schemes.


He has acted on behalf of a wide range of high-net-worth individuals and global institutional clients.


At QUAM, Andy contributes a unique blend of intellect, informal finesse, and deep knowledge.


This powerful combination shapes our existing products and fuels the creation of innovative solutions for capital raising, all while maintaining a sharp focus on setting strategic priorities.

Diogo BASTOS  Investment Committee

A Valued Member of the Investment Committee

Diogo holds a pivotal role as a Member of the Investment Committee. His professional journey has been marked by active involvement in various venture initiatives, bridging the worlds of investment and invested companies. Diogo is adept at selecting, managing, and implementing innovative technology-based start-ups.

Throughout his career, he has played an instrumental role in launching new products and technologies across diverse sectors, including Biotech, ICT, Energy, Clothing, and Tourism. Notably, Diogo possesses an MBA and a Biotech BSc.

With a vast network spanning the USA and Europe, Diogo has a track record of raising investment levels ranging from €500,000 to €10 million.

As a supportive and consistent colleague, he serves as a valuable sounding board for the Board and executive team. Diogo offers constructive challenges when needed and demonstrates a strong aptitude for commercial decision-making, complemented by a profound understanding of both strategic and operational business finance.

Strategic Advisor

A Seasoned Strategist in Technology and Finance

Early in his career, Lukáš embarked on his journey, graduating from the Faculty Institute of Technologies in Prague. He kickstarted his professional life by holding various financial positions at venture-backed technology start-ups. In these roles, he honed his expertise in investment, valuation, internal portfolio management, financial reporting, and analysis.

His journey continued as he joined PENTA, where he assumed a pivotal role in overseeing acquisitions and finance activities. During this tenure, Lukáš amassed valuable experience in fintech and cryptocurrency-related investments.

With more than 15 years dedicated to cutting-edge technologies, Lukáš holds a degree in Business Studies from Charles University.

His expertise shines whether the organisation is in a phase of growth or consolidation..


As a Strategic Advisor to QUAM, Lukáš brings invaluable insights, unfiltered perspectives, and practical guidance on the latest innovations in technology to the firm.

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