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                                          OUR APPROACH 


Over the past decade, we have partnered with intrepid founders to build iconic companies that made history. 

Today, QUAM Venture Capital continues that legacy, investing in entrepreneurs with bold ideas that span industries and continents, partnering with them from inception to exit or beyond to maximise the potential of their ideas...and create History..


​Based in London, QUAM Venture Capital, is an Investment Advisor to each of the GPs, which manage three funds in Luxembourg and several managed SPVs and is in turn supported by a network of advisory companies.


Together, we are more than the sum of our individual contributions.  

QUAM Venture Capital's professionals make up an experienced and stable investment team with global vision and access to worldwide industry resources.

We come from diverse backgrounds that include finance, investment banking, law, marketing, management consulting and technology. Our diversity in perspective gives us broad exposure to the latest technology-related trends, as well as seasoned business judgment.  

We operate in a culture of transparency, teamwork and trust to fulfil our company vision of partnering with companies that make history.

Founder and Principal

Josh is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction for QUAM VC, an FCA accredited investment adviser, working collaboratively between Investors, QUAM’s specialist Teams, and the Board Members of the FUND to establish, short, medium and long-range strategies. 

Josh has a strong track record in successfully integrating acquired businesses and leading transformation programs while valuing the heritage and core competencies of each, 


Deeply inspirational, considered an industry maven, an experienced communicator, and a ruthless solution seeker. 


He formed QUAM to focus primarily on dedicating resources to radical sustainable emerging innovations, by fusing investment into cutting-edge technologies across several vertical segments, to propel businesses beyond the current focus on incremental improvements.

Co-founder and Partner

Vic joined QUAM VC as a partner in 2012 after working within the real estate business for over 30 years.

He has over 25 years' experience in Brand Marketing, Retail, Property Management, Construction, development and infrastructure, and a wealth of knowledge in Venture Capital. He has made numerous personal investments into several start-ups, including a mentor to eight early-stage companies.

An energetic and personable professional with an excellent track record. Since joining QUAM VC he has played a critical role in building the European business, by supporting the operations in strategic planning, being a main liaison between all key management teams whiles responsible for building and nurturing strong relationships with clients, leading the delivery of services and effectively running projects end to end.

He has a listening approach, offering sound judgement, gravitas and impact, and an open and inclusive style combined with the ability to probe and challenge in a constructive way.

Board of Directors

António serves as Board Member representing the interests of Shareholders, encouraging an environment of maximum transparency and objectivity in discussion and decision-making.


As CEO he took responsibility for the re-structuring of the OneBiz Group, a global franchise network of contacts which raise aware of businesses, directly aimed towards raising investment whilst creating an enhanced focus on client service and performance.


Widely experienced, international executive, leading demanding change management and business development campaigns for over 20 years.

He earned his degree in Business Management, Trainer certified by IEFP. Trainer at Montepio Geral.

He International Trained across: USA, France, Switzerland, Spain, UK and Hong Kong.

A speaker at seminars on management, organized by IFE, Franchising Institute, MGI, ANJE and Executive Forum.

Diogo BASTOS  Investment Committee

Diogo serves as Member of the Investment Committee. He has been involved in various venture initiatives working with (and for) both investment and invested companies, while selecting, managing and implementing new technology-based start-ups.


He has actively participated in the launching of new products and technologies amongst Biotech, ICT, Energy, Clothing and Tourism sectors, and has conceived, negotiated and closed several investment project deals for different R&D centres and SME's (€6M Euro). Diogo combines an MBA with a Biotech BSc.

With his network of connections and activities which expands to the USA and across Europe, previous levels of investment raised: ranged from €500K - €10M.


A supportive and consistent colleague and sounding board to the Board/executive team, providing constructive challenge, when necessary, a commercial aptitude with a sound understanding of strategic and operational business finance in times of both growth and consolidation.

Strategic Advisor

Earlier in his tenure after graduating from the Faculty Institute of Technologies in Prague, he held a variety of financial roles at several venture backed technology start-ups, where he gained experience in investment, valuation, internal portfolio, financial reporting and analysis.

He later joined PENTA, playing a leading role in Penta’s acquisitions and finance activities, gaining significant experience in the fintech and crypto related investments.

Lukáš, has more than 15 years of experience focused on leading edge Technologies, with a degree in Business Studies from the Charles University.

As a Strategic Advisor to QUAM, he provides the firm with critical insights, unvarnished perspectives, and practical advice related to the latest innovations in technology.

Andy SHARP                Investment Committee

Andy serves as Investment Committee Member at Quam Venture Capital. 


He developed a unique set of visible management techniques using his global network of contacts to facilitate raising capital investments from €100M; whilst engaging rapidly to ensure the strategic transformation of capital targets are always achieved.

His Clients range from Governments, Corporate, Private Equity, and Venture Capital Investment firms and Global Banks. Andy is recognized for adaptability in dealing with complicated situations within organizations, markets, and cultures.

During his time in the banking industry, he had extensive experience of the portfolio and fund management of segregated funds and collective investment scheme's, acting on behalf of a variety of UHNW and Global institutional clients.


He brings to QUAM an inimitable, immeasurable combination of shared intellect, informal habits and knowledge that shape existing products or build new, differentiated solutions for capital raising whiles focusing on setting strategic priorities.

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