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In our rapidly evolving world, QUAM Venture Capital boldly embraces the belief that our greatest opportunities for value creation unfold when we fearlessly disrupt the established order. Our unwavering commitment is to empower forward-thinking, multi-stage companies on a mission to shape the future.

THE WORLD IS UNDERGOING PROFOUND CHANGES, USHERING IN A NEW ERA.                                                     

We remain at the forefront of these rapidly evolving industries, amalgamating cutting-edge concepts, investment strategies, groundbreaking technologies, and operational expertise into comprehensive solutions.

While we introduce innovative approaches, our dedication to rigorous reliance on scientific data and historical insights stands firm. Our focus remains squarely on our partners' objectives. In this pursuit, we've formulated a message that mirrors our renewed sense of purpose.


"We are no longer accepting things we cannot change". "It is now time to change the things we cannot accept". 


"We’re looking to chart an exciting path forward: embracing all that there is in transformational technology, while also staying true to classical sentiments of quality and trust". 


Our fundamental belief is that technology is poised to revolutionise and intersect across all sectors, with the most significant transformations yet to unfold. Periodically, new horizons emerge as fertile ground for innovation. Notable examples include industry disruptors such as Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeepMind, Gaia, GitHub, LastMinute, MEGA, Netflix, PayPal, ProtonMail, Reddit, Revolut, Ripple, Sphere, Spotify, Stripes, SubStacK, Telegram, Tesla, Twitter, THE Boring, SpaceX, and Wikipedia. These remarkable instances exemplify the role of "radical innovation" in reshaping entire industries."

Founders are the GAME-CHANGERS who drive transformation, and we draw inspiration from their pioneering spirit. As thematic investors, these represent just a few of the areas where our focus lies. Explore what sets us apart and delve into our latest projects below.

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In 2018, the "Financial Times" highlighted the urgent need for substantial investments in addressing global pollution, resulting in a market sector now valued at $10 trillion annually.

Historically, solid waste disposal mainly relied on landfills, where waste accumulates. Unfortunately, only a fraction gets recycled, with the majority ending up in our oceans, worsening the plastic pollution crisis and endangering ecosystems, wildlife, and human well-being. The world is in the midst of a serious crisis as polar ice caps melt, leading to rising sea levels that threaten coastal communities.


At the same time, climate change is disrupting weather patterns, resulting in severe and unpredictable events, which worsen an impending catastrophe that lacks a swift resolution.....Until recently, there was no immediate answer to this collective challenge..

A Revolutionary Technological Solution - However, amidst these daunting challenges, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of a groundbreaking technology - a system of unparalleled sophistication. This technology holds the potential for seamless deployment across nations, devoid of any adverse environmental consequences. It revolutionises waste management by transforming an entire country's waste materials into refined powder. This powder is subsequently agglomerated into larger particles and reconfigured into recycled fibres, poised to play a pivotal role in constructing critical infrastructure.

This extraordinary transformation unfolds through the application of an Electrostatic Highly Charged Induction - an electrically conductive pulse that exerts a profound influence on matter, instigating a process where long-range electric and magnetic fields dictate the matter's behaviour.

A Global Paradigm Shift - Esteemed scientists who have scrutinised this remarkable technology have heralded it as one of the most unprecedented scientific achievements in the service of humanity. Experts predict that this groundbreaking innovation, with its unmatched capabilities, could revolutionise the entire biosphere.

The entity holding the Intellectual Property rights to this technology stands on the precipice of becoming the world's most profitable enterprise, poised to license out these invaluable rights to every corner of the globe within a market sector boasting an annual worth of $10 trillion.


The Dawn of a Solution - In conclusion, the solution that humanity has been fervently seeking is on the verge of realisation. This pioneering technology promises to unlock unprecedented value and foster positive change on a global scale, offering a glimmer of hope in our collective quest to address the daunting challenges posed by pollution and waste materials.

Together, we are poised to embark on a transformative journey that holds the potential to safeguard our environment, preserve our natural resources, and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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Impossible is merely a challenge awaiting a solution.

In an era that saw the rise of cultural icons like Michael J. Fox in the Back to the Future series, our childhood dreams were often filled with the vision of possessing a Hoverboard, much like the futuristic device portrayed in those sequels.

Today, we stand at the forefront of innovation in hover technology. A pioneering force in this domain has harnessed the power of Electromagnetism within an intricately designed "Field Architecture Propulsion" system. This system offers precise control over a 360-degree rotational lift, enabling controlled and passive movement at various speeds.

The utilisation of Electromagnetism Energy Transmission within this technology achieves unparalleled levels of energy transfer and conversion efficiency. This disruptive Hybrid propulsion system, which necessitates no propellant for thrust generation, challenges the fundamental principle of the conservation of momentum. The question arises: in the absence of mass ejection, what is the source of thrust?


Where is the equal and opposite reaction?

According to the inventors of this technology, the thruster operates as a resonating cavity, redirecting pressure to generate an unbalanced force, ultimately resulting in net thrust.

Extensive testing, encompassing functionality, reliability, and durability, has validated the Electromagnetism thruster. The outcome is an environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient thruster that operates in near silence and with minimal vibration, virtually eliminating cavitation.

In this transformative age of technology, the horizons of possibility expand exponentially.

This groundbreaking mode of transportation promises to revolutionise all forms of airborne vehicles, substantially reducing operational costs and fueling humanity's insatiable thirst for flight and space exploration. The pursuit of scientific frontiers will propel us further into our solar system and beyond.


A seasoned aerodynamic engineer, a true luminary in his field, has declared, "We now possess the technology to take 'ET' home."



The Evolution of AI - Machines with Emotions

As AI advances, it raises questions about our relationship with machines, particularly the emergence of emotionally intelligent AI. Approximately 62% of global consumers interact with AI technology today. While highly sophisticated, these systems lack human emotional intelligence. Recent breakthroughs by AI specialists are bridging this gap, creating machines that can learn and express emotions.


The Quest for Emotional AI


Developing AI that understands and expresses emotions is a key goal. Emotions influence human interaction, decision-making, and well-being. To integrate AI into society, it must perceive, interpret, and respond to emotions.


The Breakthrough


AI inventors specialising in emotional intelligence are making strides. "As AI evolves, it challenges our concept of humanity. Machines capable of emotions prompt profound questions about consciousness and human essence. How will we relate to emotionally aware machines?” The gap between science fiction and science fact has always seemed insurmountable, until now. 


A team of AI specialists has achieved a remarkable milestone by creating the world's first machine capable of learning and expressing human emotions... 


"This is no longer fiction but a matter of time."

Albert Einstein 4.png

Revolutionising Quantum Time Travel - Theory to Reality

Quantum time travel represents a realm of scientific exploration distinct from the fantastical depictions often encountered in popular culture, such as those found in "Back to the Future.". In the early 1900s, aviation visionaries like the Wright Brothers faced formidable obstacles. Those who dedicated their efforts to pioneering the development of flying machines were frequently met with skepticism and dismissed as impractical dreamers by the media.

Yet, history reveals that societal skepticism frequently accompanies those who strive to achieve what the majority deems unattainable. The Wright Brothers, for instance, defied these doubts between 1904 and 1905 when they successfully engineered the world's first functional aircraft. In just a decade, aircraft transformed global transportation, ultimately leading to the historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969, which carried humans to the lunar surface.

This historical context underscores the reality that those pursuing what may seem insurmountable in contemporary society can anticipate skepticism and criticism as unwelcome companions.

Similarly, the concept of multidimensional quantum teleportation has been theoretically plausible since the 1990s. In 1993, an international consortium comprising six scientists demonstrated the feasibility of perfect teleportation within the bounds of established physics. Moreover, as of 2015, American scientists asserted that technology capable of teleporting a living individual to another location on Earth or even into space could become achievable within the next few decades.


Researchers envision a teleportation device functioning akin to an ultra-high-resolution MRI scanner, capable of achieving precision at the single-atom-per-pixel level. Remarkably, the application of "Einstein's Field Equation" within the realm of general relativity had hitherto remained unexplored in terms of its compatibility with teleportation.

Recently, a group of scientists, leveraging Einstein's "Theory of General Relativity," fortuitously engineered a wormhole-stargate during an experimental endeavor, thereby achieving a breakthrough in the realm of teleportation.

The Potential of Wormholes - A Gateway to Uncharted Dimensions

A wormhole can be envisioned as a tunnel with two ends located at distinct points in spacetime, a theoretical construct permitted by Einstein's "Theory of General Relativity." In this framework, the curvature of spacetime serves as the bridge connecting these separate locations or moments. The theory of wormholes suggests that traversing spacetime could potentially create shortcuts for extensive journeys across the universe.

This revolutionary concept is grounded in the now-accepted understanding that the vacuum possesses physical properties and structures, constituting an energetic medium that permeates the entirety of the cosmos. Engineering spacetime's vacuum represents a second solution that aligns with the definition of vm-Teleportation - a groundbreaking experimental approach aimed at modifying the properties of the vacuum, initially introduced to the scientific community in 1988.

If these scientific pioneers indeed succeed in further manipulating the vacuum, we may witness entirely unexpected phenomena, unveiling a hitherto uncharted dimensional gateway for travel. This breakthrough would enable a traveler stepping through the throat of a wormhole to undergo instantaneous teleportation into a remote spacetime region or even another universe.


Such advancements cast the accomplishments of pioneers like the Wright Brothers in an even more remarkable light, as they pave the way for humanity to transcend conventional notions of space and time, opening doors to unprecedented realms of exploration and discovery.

The “Hybrid Neural Network Hedge Fund” represents the fusion of Discretionary and Systematic strategies, harnessed within a unified Quantum Computing (QC) platform designed to seamlessly operate across diverse asset classes.

The platform leverages the computational superiority offered by quantum mechanics, integrated into an unparalleled deep learning infrastructure. This quantum-enhanced platform processes and executes thousands of trades at astonishing speeds, setting an industry benchmark for precision and efficiency.

At the core of this innovative endeavor lies a unique intellectual property - a network of AI Neural Networks that continuously evolve and adapt with each trade cycle. This adaptability allows the trader to maintain a focused and targeted approach to building a diversified investment portfolio, ultimately leading to sustained profitability.

By incorporating the principles of quantum mechanics, the Hedge Fund tackles challenges that have traditionally stymied classical computers. 

As a result, this hedge funds is poised to emerge as a significant player in the global financial markets, with the potential to reshape the landscape of investment and hedge fund trading.


WEB 5.0, a pioneering initiative led by one of the industry's early visionaries, is spearheading a global revolution in the realm of decentralisation. As we hurtle through this rapidly evolving era, characterised by Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, triple ledgers, distributed applications, and much more, WEB 5.0 stands as a unique and hybrid Bitcoin Blockchain Venture.

The Power of Decentralisation

At the core of WEB 5.0 lies the formidable power of Bitcoin BLOCKCHAIN architecture, a groundbreaking technology that is reshaping the digital landscape. This company is building an entirely new ecosystem where decentralisation isn't just a concept – it's a way of life. With a focus on decentralised identities, data storage, and applications, WEB 5.0 empowers users to reclaim control over one’s personal data.

Say goodbye to the era of centralised control; with WEB 5.0, you're in the driver's seat.

A Glimpse into the Future

While this technology is still in its infancy, the potential of WEB 5.0 Blockchain technology is nothing short of extraordinary.

Finance academics envision a future where more than $20 trillion of the world's GDP will flow through the veins of WEB 5.0 by 2035.


This isn't just a prediction; it's a testament to the seismic shift the company is engineering in the digital landscape.

What Sets this Company Apart

Global Tec Hubs: WEB 5.0 is not confined by borders. The client is launching Tec Hubs in various countries, bringing the power of decentralisation to every corner of the globe.

Community-Driven: The vision isn't just about technology; it's about people. The client is fostering a global community of innovators, thinkers, and creators who are collectively shaping the future.

Security and Privacy: In a world where data breaches are a daily occurrence, they are prioritising security and privacy above all else. WEB 5.0 ensures that your data remains your data, safeguarded by the immutable blockchain.

Innovation Ecosystem: This company is not just building technology; they are nurturing an innovation ecosystem. Developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries – WEB 5.0 is one's canvas for groundbreaking ideas.

WEB 5.0 is not just a concept; it's a movement, and everyone is invited to be a part of it. Together, we're shaping the decentralised world of tomorrow, today.


Bill Gates once wisely articulated, "If we were to redesign a financial system from sctatch, it would undoubtedly be founded on a digital platform, capable of reducing costs by up to 90% and providing universal accessibility."

The cryptocurrency and digital currency market are currently witnessing remarkable growth, having reached an astonishing valuation in the trillions of US dollars. This impressive expansion holds the promise of substantially improved profit margins compared to conventional online card payments.

The organisation has garnered significant traction, serving more than 20 million global customers.

This extraordinary expansion underscores the potential for considerably enhanced profit margins compared to traditional online card payment methods. Their global reach extends to over 150 countries, allowing users to earn up to 4.75% GROSS P/A, disbursed daily through their Savings account. The client offers an innovative solution that delivers a seamless mobile current account experience, empowered by state-of-the-art blockchain technology.

Key Features:

Mobile Current Account: The platform offers users a complimentary mobile current account accessible through a user-friendly app. This account facilitates transactions in multiple currencies, including GBP, Euros, and US Dollars.

Effortless Payments: The cryptocurrency system simplifies peer-to-peer transactions, enabling swift and secure fund transfers. Furthermore, it supports seamless transactions between buyers and sellers, streamlining online commerce.

Eliminating Intermediaries: Diverging from traditional financial systems, the cryptocurrency solution removes the necessity for banks or third-party intermediaries in payment transactions. This revolutionary approach extends opportunities to the 2.5 billion adults globally who lack access to conventional banking services, allowing them to partake in the digital economy.

Why Choose Crypto Digital Currency?

Lower Costs: By harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, one can substantially reduce transaction expenses, resulting in more cost-efficient financial operations for both individuals and businesses.

Universal Access: The platform has been meticulously crafted with inclusivity as a core principle, offering universal access. It empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations to leverage the advantages of digital currency.

Enhanced Security: The platform is built upon blockchain technology, ensuring exemplary security and transparency. Each transaction is securely recorded in a tamper-resistant ledger, fostering trust and minimising the risk of fraud.

Global Reach: With support for multiple currencies and seamless borderless transactions, the cryptocurrency app provides solutions that transcend geographical boundaries, making it an ideal choice for international commerce.

This company aspires to redefine the financial landscape, offering the opportunity to experience financial freedom, security, and efficiency through Crypto Digital Currency.


Dedicated to Providing Everyday Privacy for All

In an era marked by escalating digital surveillance, the imperative to safeguard privacy has never been more critical. The specter of government eavesdropping looms ever larger, shrouded in heightened secrecy, and with a growing focus on localised surveillance.

This esteemed organisation stands at the forefront of this evolving landscape, having pioneered an innovative privacy application that not only ensures ease of use but also embodies the aesthetics and functionality of mainstream applications. Most importantly, the solution offers unparalleled protection for sensitive data transmitted over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) channels.

Dedication to Privacy Excellence

This distinguished entity is dedicated to pioneering privacy solutions that empower individuals and organisations to communicate and transact securely in the digital realm. They understand the gravity of the challenges posed by invasive surveillance and the need for proactive measures to counteract it.

A Proven Track Record of Excellence

Leveraging extensive experience and expertise, this organisation has successfully collaborated with leading companies in the technology industry. Notable partners include ProtonMail, Telegram, and MEGA, all of whom have been at the vanguard of transformative change within their respective fields.

Together, they have worked tirelessly to shape the digital landscape and uphold the fundamental right to privacy.

The Innovative Privacy Application

The flagship privacy application from this distinguished entity exemplifies their commitment to excellence. It seamlessly integrates into users' digital lives, offering a user-friendly interface that mirrors the familiarity of mainstream applications. Beneath this intuitive exterior lies a robust security infrastructure, ensuring the confidential and cost-effective transmission of private data over VoIP networks.

Together, we can fortify the foundations of online privacy in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Understanding the Role of Oxygen in Cancer Prevention

In 1936, Dr. Otto Warburg made groundbreaking discoveries in the field of cancer research that would later earn him the Nobel Prize. His work shed light on a fundamental aspect of cancer development - the role of oxygen in our cells. Dr. Warburg boldly stated, "The cause of cancer is no longer a mystery; we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements.". This statement laid the foundation for our understanding of the connection between oxygen levels in cells and the development of cancer.

A Journey Through the Science of Oxygen Therapy

The concept of oxygen therapy dates back to the late 1800s, and over the years, it has evolved significantly. Recent advancements in biochemical science have brought us closer to the possibility of effectively delivering oxygen to cells throughout the human body. One of the most promising breakthroughs in this field is the development of "Stabilised Active Oxygen."

Unveiling Stabilised Active Oxygen

Stabilised Active Oxygen represents a cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment and prevention. Unlike traditional approaches, which often struggle to target oxygen to specific cells, this innovative method offers a unique solution. It addresses the challenge of delivering oxygen precisely where it is needed most.


How Stabilised Active Oxygen Works

Stabilised Active Oxygen is designed to deliver oxygen to cells in a highly controlled and efficient manner. This technology not only ensures that cells receive the necessary oxygen levels but also helps to maintain the stability of active oxygen throughout the process. This stability is crucial as it allows for a sustained and effective treatment strategy.

The Radiant Horizon of Oxygen Cell Therapy

As we plunge into the boundless ocean of oxygen cell therapy, the horizon of possibilities for cancer treatment and prevention broadens with each passing day. Our comprehension of oxygen's pivotal role in cellular health has unfurled new vistas of exploration and ingenuity.

Stabilised Active Oxygen is merely a glimpse of the extraordinary scientific endeavors reshaping the battlefield against cancer.


This visionary entity has not only harnessed the complete potential of oxygen cell therapy but is also propelling us toward a world where our comprehension of cancer reaches greater depths and our capacity for treatment and prevention soars to unprecedented heights, all accomplished through an exquisitely unique delivery method."


"Unlocking Timeless Potential: Exploring the Age-Defying Secrets of Longevity"   

Ageing is indeed a natural part of the human experience, and throughout history, humans have sought ways to delay its effects and uncover the secrets of longevity. While our biological clocks tick away, determining the passage of time and the ageing process, the quest for reversing or slowing down ageing has remained a constant pursuit.

The desire to understand this intricate biological clock has driven scientists and researchers to delve deep into the mysteries of ageing. The hope has always been that by gaining insight into the mechanisms behind ageing, we might someday unlock the secrets of eternal youth.

"Is the inevitability of aging an absolute truth?

In an extraordinary 30-year odyssey, a relentless team of medical scientists has set out to defy this belief. Their unwavering dedication has yielded a breathtaking revelation – the unveiling of the enigmatic 'Secret of Youth.'

"Aging, once held as an unshakable certainty, now confronts a seismic challenge. Within a groundbreaking study, a company has elevated the breakthroughs of a team of medical visionaries to unparalleled heights, laying bare the long-guarded secret to eternal youth."

This is NOT genetic manipulation, BUT genetic repair which is a totally different approach...  

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