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In today’s constantly changing world QUAM Venture Capital believe that the greatest opportunities to create value are found by reimagining the status quo, serving multi-stage companies on a mission to build the future. 

The World around us is changing…  We are entering a new Era…

We stay ahead of the rapidly changing industries, we bring together leading-edge thinking, investment strategy, ground-breaking technologies, and operations into holistic solutions. 


While we are rolling out something very new, we also are adhering to our steadfast reliance on scientific data and historical facts while making sure we focus on our partner’s objectives. In doing this, we found that we wanted a message that reflected this renewed sense of purpose.


"We are no longer accepting things we cannot change". "It is now time to change the things we cannot accept". 


"We’re looking to chart an exciting path forward: embracing all that there is in transformational technology, while also staying true to classical sentiments of quality and trust". 


Our overarching thesis is that technology will transform and converge all sectors and that the biggest transformations are yet to come. Occasionally, there are new frontiers opening for innovations, for example, Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeepMind, Gaia, GitHub, LastMinuteMEGA, Netflix, PayPal, ProtonMail, Reddit, Revolut, Ripple, Sphere, Spotify, Stripes, SubStacK, Telegram, Tesla, Twitter, THE Boring, SpaceX and Wikipedia; all excellent distinguished cases of the role “radical innovation” plays out to disrupt industries.

Founders are the GAME-CHANGERS that we take our cue from. As a thematic investor, these are just some of the current areas we are focusing why we’re different and explore the latest Projects below.

Nikola Tesla final .png

The “FT” Financial Times, in 2018 stated that the Earth needs a huge investment to solve the worlds pollution problems ... in a market sector worth $10trillion annually.

Historically, landfills are the most common means of disposing solid waste; which is either buried, or left to pile in heaps. Although a small percentage is recycled, most of it, is simply dumped into the oceans ecosystem, with plastic pollution being one of the greatest threats impacting the Environment, National Wildlife and Humanity.

Our world is facing a global crisis as the world changes: the melting of the polar regions threatens to raise sea levels, which in turn risks flooding the coastal towns and cities of the world.

Climate change threatens global weather patterns, making them more violent and unpredictable…a heart-breaking tragedy waiting to happen, which we all commonly share with no solution to hand… Until recently...

Imagine a technology system so ingeniously advanced. A technology which could be implemented into any country with relative ease; without causing any environmental harm, and using this smart cutting-edge technology to turn the entire waste materials of any country into refined powder. This powder is then agglomerated into larger particles and retransformed into recycled fibre, which is then used for building blocks in the construction of infrastructure.

The seemingly sci-fi transformation occurs because the waste is blasted apart by an Electrostatic highly charged induction: an electrically conductive pulse to the point that long-range electric and magnetic fields dominate the behaviour of the matter.

Scientific experts have examined this technology and stated ‘that it is one of the most unprecedented scientific discoveries accomplished by man for the better of Humanity.’ Scientists predict that this extraordinary technology which displays unparalleled capabilities would change the entire biosphere. The company owning the Intellectual Property would become the world’s most profitable company upon licensing out the “IP” rights to every country on the planet …in a market sector worth $10tn annually.

Finally, the solution which Mankind has been searching for is about to be unleashed...!                                                                              Location:  Europe


There is no such thing as impossible, it's just a matter of figuring out How...!

Like many young boys growing up at a time when Michael J Fox skated in the Back to the Future series, we dreamed of one day having a Hoverboard like the device that appeared in the sequels.

The result is truly cutting edge technology. An innovator for hover technologies has paved the way forward by using Electromagnetism in an array of “Field Architecture Propulsion” to Control an active 360 degree rotational lift providing the ability to hover and allow passive movement at controllable varied speeds.

This Electromagnetism Energy Transmission offers highly efficient energy transfer and conversion.

Car final .jpg

This new type of disruptive Hybrid propulsion system is under consideration for various types of land and flying vehicles which can generate thrust without propellant. This questions the law of conservation of momentum: in other words, if no mass (fuel or otherwise) is being ejected from the system, where is the thrust coming from?

Where is the equal and opposite reaction?

According to its inventors: "The thruster works as a resonating cavity. The cavity redirects the pressure to create an unbalanced force, and that force produces a net thrust"…

The Electromagnetism thruster has been through a comprehensive and successful programme of testing functions - reliability and durability, using a fully instrumented testing rig. The result is an environmentally friendly, ZERO fuel efficient thruster with no noise and vibration levels with barely any cavitation.

In this era, with this new form of technology, the possibilities become endless. By opening a completely ground-breaking pathway for transportation of all flying vehicles, dramatically cutting operating costs for man’s unquenchable thirst for flight & space exploration, pushing the boundaries of science will see Mankind transcending deeper in its research, into our Solar System and beyond…

A highly skilled aerodynamic engineer, an expert in his field stated “we now have the technology to take “ET” home” …

  Location: Europe 

Yet, it has been known since the 1990s that multidimensional quantum teleportation is theoretically possible. In 1993 an international group of six scientists, showed that perfect teleportation is possible and not against the laws of physics. In 2015 scientists in the US claim the technology to teleport a living person to another part of the Earth or even space could be available within decades.

Scientists envisage a teleporter that works like an ultra-high-resolution MRI scanner, with accuracy at the single-atom-per-pixel level...

Up until now, no one in the general relativity community has thought to apply the ‘Einstein’s Field Equation’ to determine whether there are solutions compatible with the concept of teleportation to completely rule it out. Recently, a group of scientists using Einstein’s ‘Theory of General Relativity’ improvised and during an experiment managed to build a wormhole-stargate affecting Teleportation by chance.

A wormhole can be visualised as a tunnel with two ends at separate points in spacetime. It is a theoretical entity allowed by Einstein’s ‘Theory of General Relativity’ in which spacetime curvature connects two distant locations (or times). The wormhole theory postulates that a theoretical passage through spacetime could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe.

This new concept is based on the now-accepted fact that the vacuum is characterized by physical parameters and structure that constitutes an energetic medium which pervades the entire extent of the universe. Engineering the spacetime vacuum provides a second solution that also satisfies the definition of vm -Teleportation, an experimental method to alter the properties of the vacuum called “vacuum engineering”, first introduced to the physics community in 1988.

If; indeed, these scientific inventors are able to alter the vacuum further, then we may encounter some new phenomena, totally unexpected, unlocking a totally new dimensional doorway into travelling. This would allow a traveller stepping through the throat of a wormhole to be simply teleported into the other remote spacetime region or another universe.

Such developments make the achievements of the Wright Brothers; all the more remarkable...                                                             Location:  Europe

Albert Einstein 4.png

Quantum time travel doesn't follow “Back to the Future” rules...!

During the 1900s, the Wright Brothers, early pioneers of flight faced tremendous obstacles and those brave souls who devoted themselves to developing “flying machines” were ridiculed as cranks and fools by the media. In fact, The Washington Post categorically declared, “that man can’t fly”.

In 1904 - 1905, the Wright Brothers proved them wrong by developing the first flying machine. Within a decade aircraft were used in wars for transport all over the world, with the Apollo 11 transporting humans onto the surface of the Moon for the first time in 1969. 

History teaches us that in today’s society, anyone trying to do something most people think is impossible will inevitably be scorned.


As Artificial Intelligence evolves, how will humanity define itself when confronted with "AI" machines with emotions?

Today, approximately 62% of consumers around the world use AI powered technology. However, even the most sophisticated AI technologies lack essential factors like emotional intelligence and the ability to contextualize information such as human beings. The gap between science fiction and science fact appears vast.... until now... ...A team of Inventors specialising in Artificial Intelligence have now created the first machine to learn and express human emotions…

This is no longer fiction, but only a question of time....                  Location:  Europe


The first of its kind an “AI” Artificial Intelligence” Neural Network Hedge Fund”, a Discretionary, Systematic unified Quantum Computer (QC), trading platform across all major asset classes. 

This emerging podium potential offers significant computational advantage by utilising quantum mechanical principles within an unmatched deep learning rostrum, as it communicates and exchanges data to execute 1000’s of trades accurately at velocity speeds.

This unique IP enables a framework of “AI” Neural Networks, to develop complex algorithms which adapt and learn from each trade cycle targeted. 

This allows more concentrated investments to be central focused for a diversified investment portfolio strategy whiles elevating investments to permanent profitability. This rapidly emerging technology harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems too complex for classical computers and this unparalleled Hedge Fund is positioning itself to become Ultimately a significant major player in the Global markets.                                               

Location: Europe & Switzerland


A one of a kind, a Hybrid WEB 5.0 Bitcoin Blockchain Venture, led by one of the early industry pioneers is launching several Tec Hubs in various countries in this fast-moving world of decentralisation: Blockchains, Crypto Currency, triple ledgers, distributed apps, and much more.....

WEB 5.0 leverages Bitcoin BLOCKCHAIN architecture, creating a new ecosystem of decentralized identities, for data storage and applications in which users are in complete control of their own personal data.

Whilst this new technology is still in its infancy, WEB 5.0 Blockchain technology has tremendous possibility and is estimated that by 2035, more than $20 trillion of world GDP will be operating and executed via WEB 5.0.                                                           

                                                                                  Location: UK, USA & Switzerland


Bill Gates once stated that; “If we were building a financial system from scratch, it would be on a digital platform.. [with] lower costs by as much as 90 % and offering universal access".

This $1.3 trillion alternative payments market is growing at an incredible pace with higher margins than card payments online. An innovative solution which is a mobile current account on payments via blockchain. Users are entitled to a free mobile current account through the app which can be used in multiple currency including GBP, Euro’s and US Dollars. Payments are between users or between buyers and sellers. There’s no bank or 3rd party in the middle of a payment. This makes it possible for 2.5B adults without bank accounts to enter the digital economy.

                                                                                             Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Dedicated to delivering ‘everyday privacy for everyday people’.

Surveillance is part of life, and it's getting progressively more invasive. Government eavesdropping is increasing, carried out in wider secrecy, and it's becoming far more localized. This company has built a compelling privacy app that is easy to operate, great to share, looks and feels like a mainstream app, but more importantly protects private data securely, reliably and affordably over VoIP.


                                                 Location: Geneva, Switzerland, New Zealand & Dubai


What if there was a real method in curing cancer?

In 1936, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen in the cells. He stated: The cause of cancer is no longer a mystery; we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements”

There is strong supporting evidence that oxygen therapy works - going all the way back to the late 1800’s. In the last few years there has been tremendous findings in biochemical science that make it now possible to deliver oxygen to any cells in the Human body. One of these new technologies discovered is called “Stabilised Active Oxygen” and the method used to deliver it is very unique.

                                                                                                         Location: Central Europe


Since the beginning of human history, we have been trying to find ways to stay young. Yet aging is inevitable, and there seems no way to reverse the process. Each of us is born with an internal biological clock, figuratively speaking, that determines our life span.


If we knew how the clock worked, we could understand more about how we age, and eventually, we might find the secret to the mythical fountain of youth...

Ageing is inevitable. Or is it?

In a ground-breaking 30-year study a team of medical scientists have now discovered the Secret of youth.


Through a number of clinical trials they were able to reverse the aging process by increasing the Telomeres. Normally the gene involved is lost during aging however this new sensational process is now possible by intervention with an oral product.


This is NOT genetic manipulation, BUT genetic repair which is a totally different approach...                                                     Location: Central Europe

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