We live in a time when revolutionary is ordinary

Increasingly sophisticated technology, abundant information and innovation-as-standard means that start-ups can break whole industries.

Customers, more empowered than ever, can demand increasingly superior user experiences...

...rethink everything.



Invest in sectors we know, and value depth over breadth

We believe in a world of Opportunity and whilst it is true that the best opportunities are rarely presented in plain sight, our own unique global network provides unparalleled access.


We look for businesses that allow us to utilise our investment "strategies to create value"; opportunities that are capable of creating, transforming or dominating an industry.


Alignment of interests


Through an array of products and geographic specific-funds, we work to meet the dynamic needs of the world’s most sophisticated investors.


We seek to invest wisely and create value through dedicated service and constant innovation on behalf of our beneficiaries around the world.

"Explore Beyond Limits"




The secret is having the strength to believe. To believe all things are possible, even in tough conditions. Through self-belief, teamwork and communication you can achieve extraordinary things.


Quam is an extraordinary company. We believe.

WHO WE ARE: QUAM is an independent International Investment Manager with a distinctive approach, focused on identifying and investing into early stage funding (seed and Series A) to mid-market company’s untapped potential and leveraging its deep operational and financial resources to transform results.



Returns & Capital Preservation: The firm’s goal is to deliver enhanced returns and capital preservation over the long term through a rigorous application of our intellectual and financial capital. All of our businesses reflect QUAM’s strong partnership culture, commitment to exceptional performance and uncompromising integrity.

Everything we do is guided by a set of principles that define our character and culture; they have been at the core of Quam since its inception. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct – they are a fundamental strength of our business.


Connecting QUAM & the Community: To use the resources of QUAM, including grants, employee involvement and access to our network, to make a measurable impact on the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the communities where we work.

QUAM aims to be a catalyst for business and the non-profit sector to work together to benefit their communities. To do this, we have adopted an engaged philanthropy model. This involves contributing QUAM's resources to support selected venture philanthropy groups, non-profit organisations and social enterprises across the network. We typically provide a package of support including funding, pro bono expertise and employee volunteering. We also work closely with portfolio companies to be a force for good in the communities where they operate.


Our Core Values: Our Belief Statement is what we stand for, what we are passionate about and what we aspire to. It sets out our purpose and what we are here to deliver to our investment clients. We hold our Core Values close to our hearts. They are the foundation of who we are and how we conduct ourselves. They guide us and act as our moral compass.

  • Integrity    - We build trust in our relationships through honest and ethical behaviour

  • Teamwork  - We work together to make a difference

  • Excellence    -  Anything else is never acceptable

  • Innovation        -  If there is a better way, we will find it together

  • Accountability    -  Our capital and reputation are always on the line

  • Entrepreneurship -  Using creativity to find opportunities overlooked by others

Our Corporate Integrity is non-negotiable and has evolved from the personal integrity common to every member of our team.



We encourage our people to challenge accepted views. We have a distinct way of working which embodies:

Creativity: We encourage our people to challenge perceived wisdom and established market views.

We actively promote an entrepreneurial environment.

Tenacity: Transforming a business which needs fundamental change requires determination and commitment, particularly when challenging the accepted way of doing things. It requires us to set ambitious targets for ourselves and for our portfolio businesses.

Transparency: We encourage a culture of open communication. This improves the quality of our decision-making and the effectiveness of our teams. It is also essential in order that all our stakeholders – customers, employees and Investors, understand our objectives, plans and results, and how our activities and businesses contribute to the wider community.

Operating in a non-hierarchical environment: We operate under a flat organisational structure to ensure the right combination of people can be brought together for each transaction because we believe that to create value, everyone’s contribution should be sought directly and their opinions and ideas considered without being filtered.

There are no contrived limitations on how quickly individuals can progress through the organisation; QUAM gives people the opportunity to develop their roles as quickly as their ability allows.


We understand that the effective ownership and management of a company creates benefits for all stakeholders: from employees to customers, suppliers to shareholders, and the wider community at large. Therefore, QUAM is committed to helping its Investment Funds make responsible investments in order to create sustainable, long-term value in close partnership with management teams.

QUAM takes into account the ten principles of corporate governance enshrined in the UN Global Compact and is in the process of putting comprehensive mechanisms in place to incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes.

We are aware that there is significant opportunity to influence corporate behaviour to achieve improved ESG/sustainability performance through the ownership of its portfolio companies. QUAM believes that best practice on ESG issues both mitigates risk and captures opportunities that enhances the long-term value of the portfolio companies.



QUAM is increasingly aware of the impact that the private equity industry can have on society and the environment. The sector reaches a large number of people across many countries and involves the use of a significant amount of the earth's natural resources.


QUAM therefore believes that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues should be integral to the investment process and is in the process of enhancing and formalising its approach to these issues in its own investment programme.



Quam is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and we have a well-established and effective corporate governance framework.




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