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We live in an era where revolution is ubiquitous

Increasingly sophisticated technology, abundant information and innovation-as-standard means that start-ups can break whole industries.

Customers, more empowered than ever, can demand increasingly superior user experiences...

...rethink everything.


Invest selectively in sectors of expertise, emphasising depth over breadth.

We believe in a world of Opportunity and whilst it is true that the best opportunities are rarely presented in plain sight, our own unique global network provides unparalleled access.


We look for businesses that allow us to utilise our investment "strategies to create value"; opportunities that are capable of creating, transforming or dominating an industry.


Converging Synergy and Interests

Through an extensive portfolio of products and geographically tailored funds, we are dedicated to meeting the dynamic demands of the world's most astute investors.


Our focus is on making wise investments and generating value through resolute commitment and continuous innovation for the benefit of our global stakeholders.

"Unleash Exploration Beyond Limits"



The secret is having the strength to believe. To believe all things are possible, even in tough conditions. Through the pillars of self-belief, seamless teamwork, and effective communication, one can master the art of achieving the extraordinary.

At Quam, we epitomise this exceptional philosophy.



QUAM is a distinctive investment firm that embodies a novel approach. We represent a new generation of tech-immersed active private wealth investors, offering access to a diversified portfolio of global unicorns. Our focus is on investing in transformative next-generation startups within groundbreaking and disruptive sectors, particularly in cutting-edge technologies.

QUAM is managed by a high-calibre, direct deal experienced private equity investment team, on a quest to pushing the limited boundaries of our perceived reality outward.


PURPOSE: We empower visionaries to construct legendary companies.

MISSION: To help realise rare potential.

VALUES: At QUAM, our history is intertwined with making a profound impact on regions and communities. This is not just a testament to our core values but also a reflection of our steadfast commitment to fostering sustainable growth and positive social change, alongside financial success.

Our Core Values: Our Belief Statement encapsulates our unwavering principles, passions, and aspirations. It defines our purpose and outlines our commitment to our partners. These values are the bedrock of our identity and our guiding principles, steering our actions and serving as our ethical compass.

  • Integrity  - We cultivate trust in our relationships through persistent honesty and ethical conduct.

  • Teamwork - We collaborate harmoniously to create a meaningful impact.

  • Excellence  -  Anything short of excellence is simply unacceptable.

  • Innovation      -  We relentlessly pursue better solutions and approaches together.

  • Accountability  -  We take responsibility for ensuring the preservation of our capital and reputation.

  • Entrepreneurship -  We harness creativity to uncover opportunities that others might overlook.

Our commitment to Corporate Integrity is unrelenting and arises from the inherent personal integrity of each member of our team.



At our core, we foster a culture that thrives on innovation, tenacity, transparency, and a non-hierarchical approach, setting the foundation for excellence in everything we do.

Innovative Thinking: We empower our team to challenge conventional wisdom and industry norms. Our commitment to fostering creativity cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit throughout our organisation.

Rigorous Commitment to Transformation: Achieving substantial shifts in the business landscape requires steadfast dedication and unwavering resolve. At QUAM, we establish ambitious benchmarks, both for our own performance and that of our portfolio companies, as we courageously redefine industry norms.

Open Communication: We champion a culture of transparent and candid communication. This not only enhances our decision-making processes but also ensures that our stakeholders - clients, employees, and investors - comprehend our goals, strategies, and results. It's through this transparency that we demonstrate our commitment to the broader community.

Our Collaborative Matrix Structure: Our organisational framework operates on a matrix system, facilitating the formation of tailor-made teams for every venture. We firmly believe in soliciting direct input from each team member and highly value their unique perspectives, fostering a culture free from rigid hierarchies.

At QUAM, career advancement knows no artificial boundaries; individuals have the opportunity to progress at a pace commensurate with their abilities.
Our culture is the bedrock upon which we build value, enabling us to innovate, adapt, and thrive in a dynamic business landscape.



At QUAM, we recognise that effective ownership and management of a company yield benefits for all stakeholders, including employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, and the broader community. Therefore, we are deeply committed to assisting our Investment Partners in making responsible investments, fostering sustainable, enduring value through close collaboration with management teams.

QUAM embraces the tenets of corporate governance outlined in the UN Global Compact, actively implementing robust mechanisms to integrate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations into our investment analysis and decision-making processes.

We acknowledge the substantial potential for shaping corporate conduct to achieve enhanced ESG and sustainability performance within our portfolio companies. QUAM firmly believes that adhering to ESG best practices not only mitigates risks but also unlocks opportunities that bolster the long-term value of our portfolio holdings.

Our dedication to responsible investing underscores our commitment to fostering positive change and lasting value within the business landscape.


At QUAM, we recognise the profound influence the private equity industry wields over society and the environment. Operating on a global scale, our sector interfaces with diverse populations and consumes substantial natural resources.

In response to this awareness, QUAM is steadfastly committed to incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into the very core of our investment practices. We are actively engaged in elevating and formalising our approach to ESG within our investment program. Our dedication to ESG principles emphasises our commitment to responsible and sustainable investing.


At Quam, our dedicated commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance is evident through our well-established and highly effective corporate governance framework.




The Shard,

24/25 Floor,

32 London Bridge Street,


SE1 9SG,
United Kingdom.

Tel:   0203 745 4301

Fax:  0203 745 4302

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